Swim Cutoff Times

Sprint :30 minutes after your wave start

Olympic 1:10 after the your wave start


Swim Start – there is a self serve water station located at the swim start. Athletes may utilize this before and after the swim.

Water Temperature

Historically 79+

Wetsuit Legal – is up to 78˚ Fahrenheit.

Wetsuit Optional but not eligible for awards 78.1˚ – 83.9˚.

Wetsuits Not Permitted – 84˚ or more.

Swim Course Rules

  1. Athletes must wear cap provided by CGI Racing.
  2. Athletes must go out in the designated CGI Racing wave.
  3. Time Trial Start with athletes going into the water every :05. Olympic :04.
  4. Wet suits will be permitted according to USAT regulations.
  5. Swimmers may hang on to a buoy, boat or a pontoon to rest without disqualification so long as they are not pushed or propelled in any way.
  6. Relay swimmers tag off to team cyclists in the designated relay team area in the bike corral.
  1. NOTE: Any athlete electing not to race must notify a timing official immediately.



Each athlete will be assigned a wave and you will line up for the start according to your wave. We will be doing a time trial start with athletes going into the water either six at a time, every thirty seconds (Sprint) , or five at a time every twenty seconds (Olympic).

Wave Assignments are included in the athlete guide approximately 2 weeks prior to race day.

Swim to Bike Transition

After the swim, you will be directed through the timing chutes to the swim to bike transition.

Public nudity is not permitted. Personal nutrients are permitted if carried on you or your bike.

Please do not litter at any time and toss all trash in receptacles located throughout event.



Bike Cutoff Times

Sprint will close at 11:15 am

Olympic will close at 12:00 pm

The bike course will exit the park and is flat, fast and scenic.

*The courses are said to be some of the fastest in the nation so please ride with caution.

Sprint is one loop. Olympic is two loops.

Hart’s Cycles will provide all SAG services. SAG Vehicles SAG will be provided on both courses. Note: SAG is for assistance only. Athletes need to know how to change their own tires, etc. SAG will not transport athletes back to transition area. Headsets are not permitted at any time at the event.

There is no bottle exchange on the Olympic bike course. All athletes are to prepare accordingly with their own hydration supplies.

Bike Course Rules

  1. Each competitor is responsible for having his/ her bike in proper working condition. You must have bar end plugs on your bike to race.
  2. All cyclists are responsible at all times for their own safety and for compliance with traffic laws on the cycling course and are solely responsible for the consequences of any infraction.
  3. Cyclists are expected to heed directions and instructions of race officials.
  4. ALWAYS ride on the right side of the road.  Crossing the center line is not allowed.   Take care making corners at high speed.   They will be swept, but use caution just in case.
  5. HELMETS are required during the bike race.  They must be on your head with chin strap fastened securely any time you are on your bike before, during and after the race. This violation is grounds for disqualification.
  6. No individual support vehicles or assistance by anyone is allowed.
  7. NO DRAFTING OFF ANOTHER BICYCLE or motor vehicle is allowed.
  9. You MUST have bar ends (plugs) on your bike – all bikes will be checked after transition is closed. Failure to have bar ends (plugs) will result in your bike being removed from the transition area and your disqualification.





Aid stations are located every 1 – 1.5 miles on the courses.

Aid Station Swim Start – Self –serve and stocked for pre-race so athletes can hydrate prior to race.

NUUN and water will be on every water station.

Honey Stinger will be provided on water station 2 (Sprint) and water stop 5 (Olympic).


Will be located at:

*1.5 miles for the Sprint course

*2.5 & 3.25 miles for the Olympic course.

*Finish Line

Gu will be offered at water stop 2 on the Sprint course and water stop 5 on the Olympic course.


  1. Sprint Course Closes @ 11:30 AM Olympic Course Closes @ 1:00 pm
  2. Sprint distance – You must finish within 2:15 of your swim start time. Olympic distance you must finish within 4:30 of your swim start time.
  3. No headphones, cell phones, or devices of any kind that play music.
  4. Always use respect when coming through the finish line chute and be aware of your surroundings.
  5. Emergency conditions may occur during race. Please pay attention to your surroundings for indication of the need to clear the course or take other instructed action.
  6. Do not litter or hand trash to volunteers. Place all trash in receptacles at each aid station.
  7. All participants not meeting the cutoff time limits of any or all courses will be disqualified and, if they continue, will assume all risks and must adhere to local traffic laws. Any participant who is still on the course past the respective cut off time will be directed back to the transition zone.